Standards Against Female Exploitation

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On the 16th of June 2013 Sunday Politics (North West) looked at the issue of human trafficking and the work of SAFE.
The telephone number given at the end of the video is for the SAFE general office.  Anyone needing report suspicions of Human Trafficking should contact The National Trafficking Hotline
on 0800 0121 700


Ever wondered how easy it is to become a victim of human trafficking?

This video helps you understand and imagine how some people become trapped as victims.  Trafficking doesn’t just happen to the naive, but can be a trap for those given false promises and those who are trying to better their lives.  

This video show the immersive experience we created to help members of the public understand what a victim of trafficking could go through in the process of being tricked.  

The people shown in the video are members of the public who walked through the immersive experience and agreed to give their reflections about how it affected them and their response to it.

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