Standards Against Female Exploitation

Our Strategic Projects


SAFE has developed a six lesson citizenship module that raises awareness of trafficking with students aged 14.  We have been supported in the development of this education pack by Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, the Royal Bank of Scotland and UN Women.  It fits into the national curriculum citizenship/PSHE area of work and will soon be available for schools throughout the country.

But we need help... we are looking for schools in the Greater Manchester area to take part in the next phase.  This 'pilot plus' stage will develop the module further, students and teachers will have the chance to input into its development.

SAFE will provide you with a curriculum compliant citizenship module for year 9 students with full materials, lesson plans and teaching notes that teachers can simply open up and teach.

We want to see sexual exploitation and human trafficking eliminated. Empowering young people to protect themselves is a vital step towards this realisation and this is a fantastic opportunity for schools to innovate in student engagement on serious and relevant social issues. By engaging with this material, a student in your care may be protected from exploitation.

If you are interested in getting involved, find out more by contacting SAFE on either 0844 800 8563 or


Licensed Sexual Entertainment Venues:

SAFE has created standards that licensed sexual entertainment venues (e.g. lapdancing clubs) can put into place to ensure that under-aged or trafficked individuals cannot be exploited within the venue.   We have developed training, audit and inspection materials which we help the business to implement that allows them to demonstrate their commitment to preventing human trafficking.

We are looking for venues to work with us to pilot this project. 


Leisure & Tourism:

The hotel and leisure sector is vulnerable to being exploited by traffickers.  Hotel rooms can used as the base from which trafficked women and children can be sexually exploited by their controllers.

We are developing a range of professional standards that responsible businesses can put into place to safeguard their guests and their businesses against this risk in line with The Modern Slavery Act 2015.  

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