Standards Against Female Exploitation

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The Home Office estimates that there are 13,000 victims of trafficking in the UK.  Across the entire country, these victims suffer commercial sexual exploitation; young women and girls are disproportionately affected by this crime.  Only 1% ever escape.

Traffickers parasitise the infrastructure of legitimate businesses such as hotels and clubs, as well as illegal brothels, to sell the services of trafficking victims.

  • SAFE fights trafficking by helping businesses put into place self regulatory mechanisms and standards which ensure that victims of trafficking cannot be exploited within these businesses.  We educate employees so they can identify possible victims.  We provide reporting mechanisms, specialist support and suitable intervention plans for when a trafficking victim has been identified.  We are able to do this because of our experience of prevention, identification and rescue of victims of trafficking from within the UK sex industry.
  • We also educate young people to prevent them from becoming victims through a six lesson national curriculum education pack for schools for the year 9 age group (14 year olds).

In this way, we aim to close-down entire sectors of business to traffickers, reduce the opportunities for traffickers to profit from their crimes and make recruitment of victims ever more difficult.

SAFE needs forward-thinking individuals and organisations to join us in our mission.


Free Schools Resource

The first pilot of our anti-trafficking education pack has been taught at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls and was very well received. We are now looking for other schools in Greater Manchester to take part in the next phase. Interested? contact


Award Winners

We're delighted to have been awarded an UnLtd Fast Growth Award.  We are extremely grateful for UnLtd's support and advice.


Modern Slavery Statement

Our Modern Slavey Policy is reproduced below.  It is an extract from our Modern Slvarey Statement.

1 We will provide pragmatic, effective and innovative support for our prospective service users which includes:

  • businesses wishing to act in a responsible MSA (Modern Slavery Act 2015) compliant manner;
  • young people in care who are considered to be more vulnerable to CSE;
  • and, those responsible for the education of young people so that awareness and prevention can be taught effectively when it is most needed.

2 We are committed to protecting and supporting our employees, our charitable work and our social enterprise business activities from the threat of modern slavery. 

3 We will use our influence to encourage our suppliers to adopt a similarly ethical position. 

4 We will ensure that all existing and new policies are written with the human trafficking threat in mind and we will review our policies annually to ensure that they are fit for purpose. 

5 We will strive to maintain the highest levels of modern slavery transparency, so that our clients might have justification for their confidence in our continued relationship.

6 When we identify a victim of Modern Slavery through any of our work, we will be 'survivor focused' and will do all that is possible to support the survivor to ensure that they are

  • safe and immediately secure;
  • aware of and able to access the help and supoprt that is available to them;
  • able, subject to our victim focus, to support authorities in bringing the offenders to justice;
  • able to give us information about other victims that our survivor might have come into contact with.



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